Zhonka Broadband Packages

Zhonka Broadband offers Internet access delivered by dial-up, DSL or T1. All account include e-mail addresses, web hosting plus all DSL pacakges include a static IP address. View each package or see Services At a Glance.

Zhonka DSL service is available Qwest lines in communities throughout western Washington.   Qwest charges are billed separately from Zhonka's ISP fees. For more information plus current Qwest pricing and promotions, please check out DSL FAQs. Not sure if DSL is available to your locations? Please pre-qualify your line to check for DSL.

Questions? Contact Zhonka. See also Services At a Glance for more package details.

DSL - $15/mo.

Fast, "always -on" Internet for homes or start up business
DSL up to 1.5/1Mbps
(service from Qwest w/ additional charges)
30MB web-hosting + 2 e-mail addresses

Titanium DSL - $18

Light and fast - All the features of Bronze DSL with speeds up to 5/1Mbps!

DSL - $24/mo.

Deluxe package for SOHOs, families and professional
DSL up to 5/1Mbps
(service from Qwest w/ additional charges)
5 static IP addresses for multiple computers (subject to justification policies)
5OMB domain-hosting + 5 e-mail accounts

Silver DSL details

DSL - $40/mo.

Complete services for growing office & agency networks
DSL up to 5/1Mbps
(service from Qwest w/ additional charges)
50MB domain-hosting + 15 e-mail accounts
13 IP addresses for multiple computers or running servers (subject to justification policies)

Dial-up - $10/mo.

Basic services for travelers, students, etc.
32/hrs/mo 56.6kdial-up
20MB web hosting + 1 e-mail account

Dial-up - $15/mo.

Modem access for households & remote locations
200/hrs/mo 56k dial-up
30MB web hosting + 2 e-mail addresses

Dial-up - $24/mo.

Dial-up access for businesses without DSL
200/hrs/mo 56k dial-up
50MB domain hosting + 5 e-mail address


Comprehensive package for corporate HQs, etc.
DSL up to 5/1Mbps (service from Qwest where available)
T1 frame relay service available - PVC charges apply
Enhanced support
100MB domain-hosting + 25 e-mail accounts + 3 lists
IP addresses & DNS entries as needed

E-mail, DNS, etc.


$15 - $50/mo.

from $100/mo.

Services At a Glance
E-mail: info (at) zhonka.net - replace with "@" - No Junk Mail please
or call Zhonka Broadband at 360-357-8776.

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